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Universal Robot Workshop

Cost: FREE

This latest type of robot will enhance your manufacturing process by working side by side with your employees. Its built-in force-sensing allows this to happen with no danger to the employee. This safe, collaborative robot is perfect to take over when there is a mundane and/or strenuous task that is normally performed by a human.

    Benefits of UR:

    • Safety: Built-in force sensing allowing robots to stop operating when they encounter an obstacle. Can work in reduced mode when working side by side with humans.
    • Ease of Use: Fast setup. Operators with no programming experience can quickly program a UR robot. Easily moves & redeploys to perform new processes.
    • Diversity of Use: Can be implemented in virtually any industry. Can be a solution for problems involving precision, speed, optimization, or ergonomics.

    Learning Objectives:

  • Software overview and setup
  • Programming robots with simulators
  • Hands-on time with live robots

We will also go over mobile collaborative robotics, with a live demo in our Automation/Robot Lab. We welcome you to bring your own parts and we can discuss your application in class.

“I went to the training yesterday at ACS. It was great! I was really impressed with the people at ACS and the way the training was conducted. Thank you for recommending that I go to it.” – Workshop Attendee

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