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Vacuum Grippers Created for Collaborative Robots

airpick epickRobotiq Vacuum Grippers are built specifically for Universal Robots. They can handle a wide range of applications and are ideal for picking up uneven and even workpieces made of different materials, such as cardboard, glass, sheet metal (dry) and plastic. 

  • Plug + Play
  • Easy Programming
  • Fast installation
  • Full Customization
  • Low Noise
  • Efficient & Easy Automation
  • Quick Response Time

The EPick gripper is connected to the cobot wrist, needs no air supply, and is easy to handle.
The AirPick has a powerful vacuum flow, a compact design for cobots, and has low noise.

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A Partner for Your MiR1000: ROEQ TR1000


The ROEQ TR1000 Top Roller was developed to support heavy internal logistics in industrial facilities. The basic functionality of the TR1000 is to perform automated load and unload operations. Its design enables safe and reliable transportation of goods, with varying footprints. With a TR1000, the MiR1000 is able to carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks, with many different types of heavy and oversized goods.

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High-Performance Parts Feeding Solution with Easy Integration

Epson IntelliFlex

Powered by Epson Robots, IntelliFlex Software, and Vision Guide, the Epson IntelliFlex Feeding System delivers a simplistic feeding solution to accommodate a wide variety of parts.

  • Simple setup and configuration- fully integrated with Epson RC+ Development Software
  • Point-and-click interface- helps reduce the typical development time required for advanced applications
  • Flexible parts handling- supports parts from 5 to 40 mm in size
  • Quick parts changeover- feeder offers easy setup to accommodate different parts for reduced total cost of ownership
  • Compatible with a wide range of parts-supports simple to complex parts, as well as delicate materials
  • Unique directional vibration capabilities- multi-axis vibration technology for optimized parts control and singulation

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High-Precision Scanning of Glass & Other Specular Materials

Gocator 2512

The LMI Gocator 2512 delivers high-precision 3D scanning of glass and other specular materials including polished metals and plastics. The sensor also provides exceptional performance in measurement of component assemblies with various challenging surface finishes (e.g., transparent, anti-glare, coated/uncoated, low/high contrast, UV, and glossy).

  • Optimized optical design for high-precision 3D data on specular targets
  • Specialized laser projection technology for low-sensitivity to target angle & greater performance
  • Unique 3D scanning capability for scanning specular & diffuse targets simultaneously
  • Wide specular field of view for scanning more of the target with fewer sensors

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Cobot Conveyor ControlControl Your Conveyor from Your Cobot

The QC Conveyors URCap allows you to control your conveyor from your Universal Robot. You have the ability to start/stop, forward/reverse, and choose multiple speeds. The advanced gearmotor includes a driver that connects directly to the digital in and out ports of your UR Robot to allow complete control. Many settings of the motor are available within the driver itself.

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