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Automotive Industry Solutions

Cognex: a Leader in the Automotive Industry

DS1000 Sensor for the Automotive Industry- Its applications include:
reading embossed or raised characters on tires, inspecting for flush and gap tolerances,
identifying surface defects and chips on brake pads, and more.

Cognex Automotive solutions
Cognex tire inspection

Meet all Your Tough Manufacturing Goals with Machine Vision

To achieve the quality that customers demand, comply with regulations, reduce risk and reduce liability exposure, automotive manufacturers increasingly rely on the topnotch machine vision and ID solutions that we supply. Quality: Many vision applications in the automotive industry are for quality inspections because everyone is driving towards a zero tolerance for defects. Safety critical parts: There is no room for error in safety-critical automotive components, because if a part is defective or missing, a crash could occur and someone could be injured or killed. Automotive manufacturers must double and triple check all safety-critical components to ensure quality and decrease warranty costs and recall liability. Product traceability and lot control: Part identification enables flexible manufacturing and traceability for product genealogy, warranty, etc. Vision and ID systems provide a tremendous amount of process data for continuous process improvement.

  • Align Parts
  • Detect Part Presence
  • Reduce Defects
  • Guide Robots
  • Improve Data Capture
  • Identify & Inspect Tires
  • Check Card Reading for Kitting
  • Track Parts for WIP Verification & Traceability
  • DPM Reading on Chrome & Matte Parts

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Robotics: Helping the Workforce with Dirty, Dangerous, Dull, or Repetitive Jobs

Dashboard Air Vent Testing Machine with EPSON Robot

Collaborative Robots at Nissan Motors

New Levels of Productivity Reached with Robots


Along the automotive inspection chain – from production, processing and distribution – robots can be a great advantage. There's a number of SCARA and collaborative robot options that meet industry specifications and can work in harsh environments, including heat and cold. Offering high speed and precision capabilities, Epson Robots have helped leading tier 1 and tier 2 automotive suppliers build world-class manufacturing solutions for over 30+ years. A robot arm from Universal Robots can be used even in dangerous environments where high quality and precision are business critical including: engine foundries, laser-cutting rigs, forming presses, moulding machines and packaging and palletizing lines. In addition, robot arms from Universal Robot can also be used in screw driving, assembling, labeling, handling and quality control scenarios. Industrial robots give your assembly line flexibility and safety, reduce production time, and raise production yields. From robots with high speed and precision, to those that are collaborative, lightweight, and easily re-deployed, there are many beneficial options.

  • Mirror/Glass Assemblies
  • Screwdriving for Transmission Components
  • Ignition Module Assembly
  • Head & Tail Light Assembly & Test
  • Transmission Sub-Assembly
  • Clutch Assembly
  • Labeling
  • Handling
  • Quality Control Scenarios

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IIOT: Indutrial Internet of Things Creates a Smarter, More Connected Factory

Digital Logistics in Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive diagram

Technology Created Just for Your Needs

Smart, reliable, secure technology is a must for the automotive industry. An automobile contains approximately 8,000 components, whose manufacturing processes differ according to the vehicle type and application. Therefore, such components require vastly different product safety tests. Advantech’s next-generation data acquisition driver and software development package, DAQNavi, is designed to handle the unique aspects of testing, measurement, and development operations. For example, DAQNavi supports multiple programming languages and operating systems, can be used under multi-threaded and multi-core execution environments, and features an easy-to-operate interface. This enables test system developers to focus on their areas of expertise without worrying about system-related programs and cross-platform compatibility issues. IIOT gives you the ability to monitor the production floor, and provides data to optimize your operation and increase productivity. Visualizing KPI’s, asset tracking, and remote monitoring are now easy to deploy, and with a vast array of options.

  • SCADA System
  • Mobile Terminals
  • HMI Window I/O Monitoring
  • Automation Control
  • Data Acquisition
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Link Actual On-Site Data with Standard Data

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