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Advanced In-Sight Spreadsheet Class

Cost: $1,750

The In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet Advanced product class puts the focus on getting the most out of the In-Sight Explorer spreadsheets interface. The class gives experienced In-Sight users more in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software used by In-Sight Vision Systems. The Spreadsheets interface uses intuitive tools and traditional spreadsheets functions, allowing students to focus on solving their application quickly and effectively while taking advantage of the latest and greatest tools available through the spreadsheets. Students will learn how to use advanced tools and those tools recently added to the spreadsheets environment. The labs give hands-on experience with the inspection of an actual part.

Learning Objectives:

  • Configure and implement the Patmax (PatMax and PatMax RedLine) tools, and describe differences between them
  • Incorporate and execute InspectEdge tools to solve applications involving complex edges
  • Recognize where OCRMax is used, format and setup the tool, and analyze the results returned from the OCRMax tools
  • Explain DPM basics and what it’s useful for, and set up the IDMax tool to read, verify, and validate machine readable codes
  • Explain the available color hardware, and determine where color tools are helpful and implement them
  • Explain the functionality of and implement Clocked Data Storage, Looping, Dialog Boxes and Wizards, Audit Messaging, and Test Run functions into an application
  • Identify tools used for Defect Detection, recognize applications for these, and implement these tools
  • Recognize parameters contained within the SurfaceFlow tool, explain how the Mask tool works with tools such as SurfaceFlow, and demonstrate their uses in various applications
  • Explain and demonstrate the benefits of scripting and using libraries, how the spreadsheet can interface with JavaScript programs, and how values are passed from the former to the latter

*Detailed content may vary

Any cancellation within 48 hours of the start of a class will not be refunded.

“I went to the training yesterday at ACS. It was great! I was really impressed with the people at ACS and the way the training was conducted. Thank you for recommending that I go to it.” – Workshop Attendee

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