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Upcoming Live Robotic Webinars

Applied Automation Virtual Event Series

virtual series

Applied Automation Virtual Event Series is a three-part virtual conference hosted by Advanced Control Solutions, Olympus Controls, and Gibson Engineering, with industry speakers, 16 exhibitor booths, and panel discussions.

Automation centered around Robotics, Machine Vision, Motion Control, and the Industrial Internet of Things will be at the forefront.

Attend the conference to hear industry leaders like former Universal Robots CTO and CEO of REInvest Robotics Esben Østergaard, and Robotiq CEO Samuel Bouchard, discuss the latest technology and relevant industry news.

June 9: Solutions focus

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Robotic Webinar Recordings

Epson Robots Simulator in RC+ Webinar

Epson Robots are the robot of choice for super high precision, high speed, high performance, ease of use and overall value. In this webinar, you'll learn how to setup and use the Epson Robot Simulator in RC+. Learning objectives include:

  *   Set up a robot in the simulator
  *   Create a basic program
  *   Perform cycle time analysis

  *   Learn optimization techniques

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Epson Overview C12 Product Launch Webinar

Epson C12

Join us in learning about the brand-new Epson C12XL 6-axis robot. It boasts a long 1400 mm reach, a high 12 kg payload, as well as: 

  • Easy-to-use Epson RC+ programming software
  • Gyro sensors for low residual vibration
  • Smooth start/stop with high accel/decel rates
  • Fast cycle times to optimize part throughput
  • SlimLine design; compact wrist pitch

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Clarifying Collaborative Robot Safety- a webinar from ACS & Universal Robots

UR safety

Collaborative robots are the fastest growing segment in industrial robotics – for good reason. They’re flexible, easy to program, and when compared to their “older generation” industrial counterparts, far safer and less expensive, as well as faster to deploy. But those who use or want to use cobots need to understand the risks and liability involved, as with any other machine on their factory floor. This 60-minute Webinar provides insight into cobot safety, looking at how cobots are safer than “old” industrial robots, defining terms such as “power and force limiting” and “protective stop,” and exploring the importance of risk assessments.

Topics include:

  • The basics of human-machine interfaces and collaborative workspaces
  • An overview of robot safety standards
  • New speed and separation monitoring techniques that can further improve safety of cobot applications
  • An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation

MiR Rest API Python Scripting Webinar

MiR Group

In this webinar, you'll learn about Mobile Industrial Robots and how Rest API can be used with them to complete missions. Learning objectives: 

  • Intro to Rest commands/demo the room
  • Intro to Rest commands within Python

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MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot Intro Webinar

MiR Group

This webinar is an introduction to MiR- mobile collaborative robots. MiR are AMR's, which are more sophisticated, flexible, and cost-effective technology compared to AGV’s. We'll go over: 

  • An explanation or MiR
  • Intro to making a map
  • Intro to making a mission
  • Continue with mission
  • Intro to REST commands (demo the room)

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here

Collaborative Robots- Breaking Down the Barrier Webinar

UR Programming Webinar

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Key traits of a collaborative robot
  • Collaborative robot safety standards
  • Cost savings potential
  • Application examples- where they can be deployed
  • What types of applications are best suited to automate first
  • What questions need to be answered to help identify a good cobot application
  • How to start with a manual task map to plan for what functions a robot can achieve
  • How to address the growing skills gap in the workforce
  • What factors a robot can provide to lower the operational costs associated with manufacturing

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CNC Machine Tending with Robotiq Webinar


CNC Machine Tending Grippers

This webinar covers the following:

  • Robotiq Introduction (Brief)
  • Help you answer the questions "Why Automate Machine Tending?" and "How do I Deploy Cobots to Machine Tend?"
  • Robotiq's CNC Machine Tending Kit product information
  • Remote Demo of a CNC Machine Tending Application by a Robotiq Integration Coach

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Universal Robots/ LMI Cap Webinar


Learn about the new LMI to UR cap with built-in calibration routine. Some topics we'll be covering: 

  • Setting up the system/ components 
  • Calibrating 3D sensor to robot coordinates with ease 
  • Building tools in the 3D profiler for part coordinates 
  • Robot programming to receive coordinates 
  • Picking & placing part via 3D scan

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Universal Robots and HMI Interface with Opto 22 EPIC Controller

Opto screen

This webinar covers remote functionality to operate a UR robot:

  • Configuring a custom groov view web page HMI
  • Sending commands through Node-Red for real-time robot operations
  • Setting up SCADA analysis tools
  • Control configuration settings remotely, such as I/O, program, installation, etc.

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Lean Robotics during COVID, You want to Automate now?!

Lean Robotics

Sam Bouchard of Robotiq and author of Lean Robotics joined us to discussing the best practices of applying Robotic automation, How automation is being impacted by Covid and why now is a great time to look at Automating. Also, we opened up to a Q&A session so you can post your questions to Sam and learn from the best!!

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Universal Robots/Cognex In-Sight Camera for Vision Guided Applications

vision guided

Cognex has developed a URCap solution with Universal Robots to greatly simplify the communication, hand eye calibration, and vision guided robotics development between a UR robot and Cognex 2D Vision System. The system is used to guide the robot to specific coordinates, inspect the part after manipulation, and output valuable data for downstream analysis.

This webinar will cover how to setup a Cognex In-Sight camera to UR communication for vision-guided applications. This event will start with blank programs and build a full application.

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Robotiq Palletizing Solution Virtual Lunch & Learn

Robotiq Palletizer

With the new Robotiq Palletizing Solution, simplicity meets flexibility. Set up your application in 3 easy steps.

Experience how seamless it is to use the Robotiq application software called Material Handling Copilot. Enjoy a quick and 3 easy-step setup through the user-friendly platform. Generate and automatically optimize all trajectories and robot movements using only the below information:

  • Box dimensions and weight
  • Pallet dimensions
  • Pallet pattern

Ready, set and go

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Vendor Online Training and Webinars

Universal Robots Academy

UR Academy

Universal Robots Academy’s online modules lower the automation barrier by making core programming skills available to cobot users.

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MiR Academy

MiR Academy

MiR Academy is your training and resource center for autonomous mobile robots.

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Robotiq eLearning

robotiq elearning

Robotiq eLearning is an online platform on collaborative robots that integrates Lean Robotics concepts and real application content.

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Robotiq Developers Community DoF

Robotiq DoF

DoF is where industrial automation professionals share their know-how and get answers.

Participate in the DoF Community

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