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STOBER is known for high performance, high efficiency, and low noise, encompassing various gearing solutions offered to the industry. STOBER has the broadest product offering available, providing one stop shopping for both the industrial gearing market and the rapidly-growing motion control market.

Servofit Precision Planetary Gearheads

Servofit planetary gearhead

The STOBER offering of ServoFit gearheads will enable you to fill all your servo needs. The ServoFit Precision Planetary Gearheads (SPG) are for compact, highly dynamic applications. Their TriAdaptâ„¢ motor adapter system makes installation fast and easy without special tools and gauges. The patented shaft clamp system requires no shaft key, reducing weight and minimizing inertia. ServoFitâ„¢ precision planetary gearheads are quieter than any planetary or in-line helical gearhead available.

Servofit Gearheads

Servofit Modular System (SMS)

Servofit modular system

The SMS member of The ServoFitâ„¢ family was especially designed to fill all your servo needs in applications where the compact size of a planetary gearhead is not needed.

  • C Series features interchangeable motor plates to fit any motor, single piece iron housing, precision machined bearing supports, case hardened gears, low backlash and double lip seals
  • F Series features interchangeable motor plates to fit any motor, single piece iron housing and precision machined bearing supports
  • K Series, Right angle helical/bevel gear drives offer higher input-to-output efficiencies than conventional worm gear drives

Servofit Modular System

Speed Reducers

Enhamced HMI Products

Modular Gear System speed reducers are comprised of interacting, highly engineered components such as: shafts, gears, housings, input and output flanges, motors, etc. This modular concept lets STOBER deliver a vast selection that you can choose from to meet your exact gear drive need with thousands of sizes, styles, and mounting configurations. This modularity lets them build, fully test and deliver a custom-built drive with a 3-day standard delivery.

Speed Reducers

Advanced Control Solutions is a STOBER distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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