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SCHUNK offers the world's largest standard portfolio of grippers for all ambient conditions and applications, pneumatically and electrically. The grippers boast robust technology with a long service life, e.g. through the patented multi-tooth guidance. SCHUNK possesses more than 30 years of development and solution competence. ACS is a Schunk OEM partner.

Parallel Gripper

Schunk parallel gripper

From micro assembly to heavy-load handling, they can handle workpieces with weights of anywhere between a few grams and 80 kilograms, and are suitable for many applications, from the cleanroom to potentially explosive work areas.

Centric Gripper

Schunk centric gripper

SCHUNK’s standard centric grippers include small parts, universal, and sealed grippers with three fingers for safe and precise O.D. and I.D. gripping of workpieces, with weight handling capabilities of more than 100 kilograms.

Angular Gripper

Achunk angular gripper

If workpiece sizes vary, angular grippers may be the more economic alternative to parallel grippers, depending on the respective application.

Magnetic Gripper

Schunk magnetic gripper

SCHUNK’s large-area electrically actuated grippers are designed for reliable and precise loading and unloading of various ferromagnetic workpieces into and out of machines.

4-Finger Gripper

Schunk 4-finger gripper

These pneumatic, 4-finger universal grippers are designed for reliable and precise palletizing/depalletizing, and positioning of cylindrical workpieces in assembly and production processes.

O-Ring Gripper

Schunk O-ring gripper

SCHUNK’s pneumatic O-ring gripper is predestined for reliable and automatic gripping and assembly of O-rings, square rings, and other rings for shafts and in bore holes. It can work with rings of a diameter between 5 and 160 millimeters for external assembly, and a diameter between 10 and 120 millimeters for internal assembly.

Plug & Work

Plug & Work

The Plug & Work product portfolio consists of electrically and pneumatically actuated grippers, quick-change modules and force/moment sensors that are specifically adapted to robot arms from Universal Robots. Depending on requirements, various grippers and end-of-arm components can be selected. The pneumatic gripping units are additionally equipped with micro valves meaning no external valves are required.


Cobotic Accessories Program

Cobotic Accessories

The new SCHUNK Cobotic Accessories Program makes it even easier for you to implement work piece handling solutions with your robots. There are many standard solutions offered:

  • Collaborative grippers: direct mounts to almost every cobot; integrated sensors
  • Plug & Work: integrated valves and sensors; variety of grippers; fast and easily deployable
  • Flex grip tools: multiple configurations; build your own custom end-of-arm tooling in minutes; integrated valves & IO sensor block available

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