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Opto22 manufactures controllers, I/O, solid-state relays, and software products that link electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices to networks and computers. Opto 22 products are used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition.

OptoPartner logoOpto 22 IoT Certification Program to Bridge IT/OT Gap

ACS is an IoT Certified OptoPartner authorized System Integrators. OptoPartner's possess a combination of skillsets in both the OT and IT domains and have demonstrated proficiency in OT technologies such as sensors, instrumentation, controls, and automation as well as with IT technologies such as networking, databases, computing, data analytics and cloud or edge IoT platforms.


Epic: Edge Programmable Industrial Control System


This is EPIC: the world's first Edge Programmable Industrial Control system—a brand-new I/O and control system built for the future of automation and designed for the way you work. Includes guaranteed-for-life I/O, a flexible Linux®-based controller with gateway functions, high-resolution touchscreen, two independent network interfaces, USB and HDMI ports, and software including control programming, groov View for device-independent HMI, Node-RED for simple data flows, and Ignition Edge® for OPC-UA drivers and MQTT/Sparkplug communications—and more. It all comes together to make groov EPIC your obvious choice for any industrial internet of things (IIoT) application.

Read more about Epic

SNAP PAC Systems


Opto 22's SNAP PAC System is an integrated system of hardware and software for industrial control, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The SNAP PAC Project Software Suite from Opto 22 provides all the software you need for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications in any field. One of four components of the SNAP PAC System, PAC Project software is fully integrated with SNAP PAC controllers, brains, and I/O, making it easy to understand, select, buy, and apply an automation system for your needs.

SNAP PAC Systems



groov provides a simpler way to build your HMI with easy setup, rapid development, responsive design, and fast changes. All gadgets are designed for use with both keyboard/mouse and touchscreen.

You can start building your interface in Desktop/Tablet view or in Handheld view, and easily switch views and move gadgets around as needed. Everything scales automatically to fit on a larger or smaller screen: gadgets, buttons, labels, text, webcam video images, and everything else. Minimum sizes are built in for Handheld, so gadgets will never be too small to see or manipulate on your phone. With groov you can run data from other systems, like Allen-Bradley PLCs and Modbus/TCP systems-through a SNAP PAC controller and build HMIs.


OptoEMU System


OptoEMU Sensor Energy Monitoring Unit quickly and easily monitors the energy you use. You can see and analyze detailed data and use it in building and control systems to reduce energy costs.
You can even gain revenue by taking advantage of demand response programs from your local utility.

OptoEMU System

PC-Based I/O

PC-Based I/O System

Manage anything, anywhere, from your PC with guaranteed-for-life Opto 22 industrial I/O and distributed intelligence. Industrially hardened I/O meets demanding specifications and provides local processing. Use the driver toolkits to communicate between distributed I/O and your custom program. New! SoftPAC, an easy-to-program PC-based controller.

PC-Based I/O

Opto 22 groov RIO

opto 22 RIO

The Opto 22 groov RIO is a family of intelligent, standalone, Ethernet-based, PoE-powered, remote I/O units for IIoT and automation applications. The first unit in the groov RIO family provides 8 multi-signal, multifunction, software-configurable channels and 2 Form C relays, supporting over 52,000 unique signal combinations: analog or discrete, input or output. RIO lets you connect traditional wired switches and sensors directly to Ethernet networks, software applications, and cloud platforms without the need for intermediate hardware such as PLCs, PACs, PCs, or gateways to propagate I/O signals to other systems. A driving reason behind Opto 22’s development of groov RIO was to help users be able to get data from the real world—such as a pump on/off status or thermocouple readings—into a database, application, or other system.

Read More About RIO

Solid State Relays

Solid State relays

Opto 22 offers a complete line of solid state relays, from the rugged 120/240-volt AC Power Series to the small-footprint MP Series, designed for mounting on printed circuit boards. All Opto 22 relays have 4,000 volts of optical isolation between the field side and the control side, and all are UL and CSA recognized. Every Opto 22 solid state relay is subjected to full load test and six times the rated current surge both before and after encapsulation. Opto 22 doesn't do statistical testing.

Solid State Relays

PAC Display

PAC Display

PAC Display Professional, part of the PAC Project Professional Software Suite, is a user-friendly HMI package for building operator interface applications to communicate with the SNAP PAC System. Technicians and operators can monitor the system, respond to alarms, and interact as necessary using a graphical display.

PAC Display offers rich features, including alarming, trending, security, and a built-in library of 3,000 industrial automation graphics. PAC Display uses a fast, multithreaded scanning engine.

PAC Display



SoftPAC™ is a software-based programmable automation controller (PAC) designed for PC-based control.

  • You can run your PAC Control program (strategy) in a Microsoft Windows environment rather than on a standalone or rack-mounted PAC.
  • If you are a machine builder or an OEM with a PC already in your product, or if you want to use a PC for a new design, your cost for a controller is reduced.
  • SoftPAC takes advantage of a PC’s ability to quickly read and write to files as well as its greater space for data storage. This makes it especially useful for applications requiring extended file storage, frequent access to files, math-intensive processes, or a large number of control flowcharts running at the same time.

Soft PAC

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