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Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive product range for electrical and electronic installation concepts from the cabinet and the interface into the field.

Electronics in Cabinet

Murr electronics in cabinet

Murrelektronik’s individual components are perfectly matched to each other. This ensures consistent power supply on a high level while focusing on efficiency.

  • Buffer Modules – protect power supplies
  • EMC Filters – prevents interference in machine systems
  • Relays
  • Emparro – switching mode power supplies
  • Emparro67 – power supplies for extreme environmental conditions
  • Emparro 3~ - 3-phase power supplies
  • Evolution – continues working reliably with just two phases
  • MB Redundancy Balance – active redundancy module
  • MICO – intelligent power supplies

Electronics in Cabinet Information


Murrelektronik interfaces

Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive product range of interfaces from the cabinet to the field which are an essential part of many installation concepts.

  • Lighting Elements – extremely bright and easy to install
  • Modlink MPV – connecting fieldbus systems to cabinets
  • Modlink MSDD – convenient access to controls
  • Modlink MSVD – power outlets
  • MSDD Hybrid Fieldbus Coupling – transfer data and power from cabinet into the field

Interfaces Information

I/O Systems

Murrelktronik I/O systems

Murrelektronik's I/O systems connect actuators and sensors of a system to the control. A huge variety of different models are available, from practical distributor solutions up to high performance fieldbus systems.

  • Cube20 – centralized, modular I/O system
  • Cube67 – modular fieldbus system with single cable technology
  • Impact67 – fully potted robust fieldbus module
  • M12/M8 Distribution Systems – economical plugged fieldbus solution
  • MAS – flexible AS-Interface modules
  • MVK – replace complex parallel wiring
  • MVP12 Steel – easy to clean

I/O Systems Information

Connection Technology

Murrelektonik cordsets

Murrelektronik is a leading supplier of cordsets, with an almost infinite variety of cable types, colors and connector styles.

  • Sensor Actuator cables
  • Motor cables
  • Field-wireable connectors
  • Fieldbus cables
  • Adapters
  • T-couplers

Connection Technology Information

Advanced Control Solutions is a Murrelektronik distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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