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Kawasaki Robotics offers robots with payloads ranging from 3 to 1500 kg. Their commitment to quality automation is evident in every single robot arm they offer. Kawasaki robots and controllers are designed with more than 50 years of robotics experience in mind, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to improve productivity and quality.


General Purpose Robots
(3-80 kg payload)

R series robots

Kawasaki’s R series robots are a go-to for users looking for reliable, high performance automation that can streamline numerous processes on the factory floor. The R series’ industry-leading speed, reach, flexibility and wide payload range (3 to 80 kg) make them ideal for a wide range of applications.


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General Purpose Robots
(100-300 kg payload)

large payload robots

Kawasaki’s large-payload general-purpose robots provide durability, reliability and next-level performance. Offering up to a 300 kg payload, these flexible robots are used by manufacturers in numerous industrial environments, including automotive, aerospace, machinery, metal, electrical, electronics, and food sectors. This highly versatile series can be used for a wide range of applications, most notably assembly, material handling, and spot welding.

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General Purpose Robots
(350-1500 kg payload)

M series robots

Heavy payloads, meet your match; Kawasaki’s heavy-duty M series robots are the ultimate in form and function. The M series has the capability to handle massive 350 to 1,500 kg payloads with ease and accuracy, without compromising a compact design or high precision.

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Palletizing Robots

Palletizing robots

Built to tackle your end-of-line tasks, Kawasaki’s line of high-speed palletizers range in payload capacity from 80 to 700 kg. Their industry-leading palletizing robots help companies exceed their production goals by boosting efficiency, addressing labor shortages and increasing throughput.

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Pick & Place Robots

Delta robots

Kawasaki’s Y series delta robots maximize product line productivity. These long reach, ultra-high-speed picking robots are widely used in industrial environments such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electrical, electronics, and machine parts sectors.

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Medical & Pharmaceutical Robots

medical robots

Kawasaki’s medical robots are designed to meet the healthcare industry’s strict guidelines for accuracy, consistency and cleanliness. The MC and MS series are equipped with an ISO Class 5 (Fed Class 100) rating and offer cable routing through the base and arm, reducing the amount of entry points that can lead to contamination. In environments where consistency is vital, our high precision medical robots reduce the risk of error while maximizing efficiency.

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Arc Welding Robots

welding robots

Kawasaki’s arc welding robots use state-of-the-art technology to match the quality of a skilled welder. Our solutions help companies across the globe address labor shortages while simultaneously meeting production goals and improving product quality. Features like a welding condition database, real-time path modification, and standard start sequences also reduce programming time for a user-friendly experience.

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Sealing Robots

Sealing robots

Sealing and dispensing applications can require robots to navigate awkward spaces, such as the underside of a car body. Kawasaki’s BU series are designed specifically to tackle these challenges, resulting in quality seals and flawless finishes. These non-explosion-proof robots are available in two different models to suit the unique needs of your sealing application.

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Explosion-Proof Paint RobotsK series robots

Kawasaki used decades of experience to drive the design of the K series line of explosion-proof paint robots, resulting top-of-the-line performance, usability and finishes. Our paint robots are packed with features for easier integration and operation, like hollow-wrists for internal hoses and a paint-specific control panel. They’re also built to cover a wide range of small to large workpieces.

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F Controllers

f controllers

With a design backed by decades of robotics industry experience, Kawasaki’s F controllers provide the flexibility users need to take production to the next level. Built for a wide range of application types across the globe, F controllers combine high performance, operability, reliability, and a host of integrated features all in a compact design.

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E Controllers

e controller

Deemed Kawasaki’s universal controller, the E series comes with a proven track record of high performance. These compact, reliable controllers are ideal for a wide range of applications across the globe. To meet specific application requirements, E controllers can operate using different power supply voltages and optional transformer units can be added.

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Explosion-proof E Controllers

explosion proof controller

Kawasaki’s explosion-proof E controllers come with a track record of high performance. Designed for use with our K series paint robots, both the controller and teach pendant offer robust and user-friendly features for simple operation.

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