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Hoffman is a leading designer and manufacturer of enclosure systems to safely and reliably protect the electronic controls and mission-critical electrical systems in industrial, data communications, commercial construction and government applications. Hoffman's vast product catalog features a wide array of enclosures, accessories and thermal management products. Hoffman maintains a high standard of quality and operates under a global ISO 9000 certificate. By designing and testing all products in their in-house UL laboratory, Hoffman ensures they meet stringent quality standards. Hoffman products comply with UL, NEMA, CSA and other international standards.

Modular Enclosures

modular enclosures

Modular Enclosure system is designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment in industrial, local area networking and telecommunications applications. Each enclosure provides full protection from dirt, dust, moisture, oil and other contaminants. Standard versions of PROLINE also shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMC). Industrial Packages are full-featured, ready-to-use enclosure solutions that make it unnecessary to order each component separately.

Modular Enclosures

Operator Interface Enclosures

operator interface enclsoure

Hoffman offers a large selection of human-machine interface enclosure solutions, products and accessories appropriate for applications incorporating flat-screen devices, pushbuttons and other similar devices with or without a keyboard provision.

  • Pendent or pedestal mounting
  • Panel mounting
  • Keyboard trays
  • Stainless steel enclosures
  • Swivel base

Operator Interface Enclosures

Cable/Wire Management

cable management

Hoffman's wireway and trough products are used in commercial and industrial environments to provide a fast, flexible method of distributing power and to control wiring. Hoffman has just the products you need to design a flexible and easy to install cable pathway system. Use the full line of components and accessories to conveniently organize cable runs. Mount the components to ceilings or walls, drop them under the floor, even combine components from different systems to build the cable pathway system that exactly fits your application.

  • Lay-in wireway
  • Feed-through wireway
  • Wiring troughs
  • Stainless steel cable tray

Cable Management

Thermal Management

thermal management

Incorporating thermal cooling within an enclosure can lengthen system life and increase control line reliability. The accumulation of heat in an enclosure is potentially damaging to electrical and electronic devices. Overheating will shorten the life expectancy of costly electrical components and can lead to catastrophic failure. It is therefore important that system designers be aware of the temperature implications of their designs prior to implementation and, where necessary, take steps to reduce heat build-up inside the enclosure.

  • Fans, blowers, louvers and vents
  • Direct air cooling systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air Conditioners

Thermal Management

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Stainless Steel enclosures

Hoffman offers a large selection of stainless steel products that protect your equipment from water, dust and chemicals.

  • Enclosures meet global industry standards
  • Specially designed enclosures for applications in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Oil & Gas, etc.
  • Broad selection of product types, materials and configurations
  • Flexible modification and customization to your specifications

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Non-Metallic and Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures

The efficient design and simple construction of these enclosures make them durable in corrosive environments, yet aesthetically pleasing. Corner latches provide unobstructed access. The continuous hinge provides a secure seal, and double latching creates added security.

POLYPRO™ polyester enclosures perform exceptionally well in applications where harsh chemicals, weather extremes and corrosive environments demand toughness from a lightweight enclosure. Providing excellent ultraviolet protection and a tight environmental seal, these versatile, feature-rich enclosures are also recyclable.

Non-Metallic and Plastic Enclosures

Advanced Control Solutions is a Hoffman Enclosure distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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