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Gardasoft Vision designs and manufactures high intensity LED Illuminators, and high performance pulse / strobe controllers for LED Lighting - providing unique solutions to the global machine vision market.

Triniti LED Pulse Controllers

triniti LED pulse controller

Gardasoft TR Series LED Controllers are a core component of a Triniti Intelligent Lighting system. Triniti is a new enabling technology from Gardasoft which provides expert control, operational intelligence and a full integration of machine vision lighting - all within a 'plug & play' environment.

  • 1, 2 and 4 channel LED lighting controllers
  • Compatible with Triniti Intelligent Lighting platform
  • GigE Vision compliant
  • Pulsing up to 20A
  • Continuous output to 3.0A
  • 30W maximum output per channel
  • Pulse timing to 20µs

TR Series LED Pulse Controller

Trigger-timing Controllers

trigger timing controller

The CC320 Series provides an easy and complete working solution for accurate timing of component sensing, camera triggering and reject gates. Timing can be based on precise delays or on exact conveyor belt travel using an encoder.

  • integrates encoders, cameras, lighting, proximity sensors, reject gates
  • Fast and simple set up – no complicated programming routines
  • Ethernet-enabled for remote interfacing
  • Fast and accurate timing functions
  • Small compact size

CC320 Series Trigger-timing Controllers

Combined LED Pulse and Timing Controllers

RTCC4 controller

The RTCC4 combines all the features of the Gardasoft RT Series with the timing functionality of the CC320. The combination provides a high level of integration in machine vision systems - saving complexity, space and costs.

  • Combines Lighting Control with Trigger Timing
  • Two extra digital outputs to standard Gardasoft RT Controllers
  • Includes all RTCC4 timing and sequencing functionality
  • Encoder input
  • SafePower™ and SafeSense™ technologies for lighting control

RTCC4 Series Combined LED Control and Trigger Timing

Industrial Lens Controllers

indistrial lens controller

The Gardasoft TR-CL Series is single channel industrial lens controllers which provide very accurate and repeatable control of turnable lenses. They have been developed in close collaboration with Optotune.

  • One channel, high- resolution output
  • Include constant current lens drive and lens EEPROM data communications
  • -400mA to +400mA in 0.1mA steps
  • Compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci and EL-16-40-TC lenses
  • Full current calibration with lens temperature compensation

Industrial Lens Controllers

Advanced Control Solutions is a Gardasoft distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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