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Exlar fully integrated drive/motor/actuators have AC or DC powered servo drives, digital position controllers, brushless servo motors, and roller screw actuators in one elegant, compact, sealed package. Exlar integrated motor/actuators have a servo motor and roller screw actuator with feedback, connectors, and wiring that can be configured to almost any brand of position controller for a truly “plug and play” risk-free experience.


Exlar actuators

Exlar roller screw actuators deliver high load capacity, high speed, and exceptionally long life compared to acme and ball screw solutions.

  • K Series – Universal design for ultimate flexibility
  • FTX Series – High-force linear actuators
  • FT Series – Powerful roller screw actuators replace hydraulics

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Exlar Motor/actuator

Exlar integrated motor actuators integrate all the advantages of roller screw and T-LAM stator technologies to create powerful and robust solutions with long lives. The specially designed roller screw mechanism efficiently converts electric motor power into linear motion. Planetary rollers, assembled around the extending rod, follow threads that are precisely machined on the inside of the actuator’s hollow rotor..

  • GSX Series – High performance and long life
  • GSM Series – Standard capacity actuators
  • EL Series – Explosion proof actuators

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Exlar Drive/Motor/Actuator

Tritex II Series actuators integrate a servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor, and linear actuator in a compact, sealed package. Now you can precisely control motion and solve all of your application requirements with a single, fully integrated device.

  • Tritex™ II AC linear actuators
  • Tritex™ II DC linear actuators

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Exlar Drive/Motors

These rotary actuators fully integrate a servo drive, digital position controller, and brushless motor in a compact, sealed package. Their small size and innovative design make it easy to incorporate a fully electronic solution in the space of your existing hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. Now you can precisely control motion and solve your application requirements with a single, fully integrated device.

  • Tritex™ II AC rotary actuator
  • Tritex™ II DC rotary actuators

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Exlar Motors

Exlar offers a range of motor solutions including brushless servo, gearmotors and explosion-proof alternatives.

  • SLG Series Gearmotors
  • SLM Series Brushless Servo Motors
  • ER Series Explosion-proof rotary motor and gearmotor

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Advanced Control Solutions is an Exlar distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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