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Epson C8 Series 6-Axis Robots

Epson C4 6-Axis RobotThe EPSON C8 compact 6-Axis robots provide high performance in a slimline package. With up to 8Kg of payload, EPSON C8 robots handle mid-sized 6-axis jobs while keeping an extremely small footprint. Just like the EPSON C4 robots, the C8 design includes a unique, compact wrist pitch as well as a slim body elbow design. Bottom line: EPSON C8 robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces. Epson's goal was to build a robust robot in a compact shell capable of meeting their high performance standards. The new EPSON C8 does that and more by allowing payloads up to 8Kg while maintaining fast speeds and cycle times. This slimline body and compact wrist design enable greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions than comparably sized models. Larger motors and superior servo controls allow for fast yet precise motion control which means smoother motion for your next application. In addition EPSON acceleration/deceleration rates due to our high performance Epson proprietary servo system provide fast motion on a smooth path.

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Advanced Control Solutions is an Epson C8 Robot distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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