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Cognex In-Sight 9912

In-Sight 9912 vision systemA rugged, ultra-high resolution line of standalone vision systems

Capturing exceptionally detailed, high-resolution 12 MP images, the Cognex In-Sight 9912 delivers high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection over a large area—even when mounted at longer distances. 
The In-Sight 9912 offers: 

With its all-in-one, IP67-ready form factor and easy-to-use EasyBuilder interface, the 9912 is more cost effective and easier to integrate than most controller- or PC-based vision systems.
The In-Sight 9000 series offers both area scan and line scan image capture options.


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Advanced Control Solutions is a Cognex In-Sight 9912 distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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