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With smart solutions from Balluff, you lay the foundation for the factory of the future. They offer you a high-quality product range with enormous versatility: sensors and systems for position measurement, identification, object detection, process media monitoring and a comprehensive portfolio for industrial image processing. Balluff offers a spectrum of networking and connectivity technology for a high-performance infrastructure, as well as a host of compatible accessories. They develop comprehensive automation solutions and accompany you step by step into the digital industrial world.

Balluff products are available to ACS customers in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi


Distance Sensors

High-quality and precise sensors and systems for every application and requirement, from displacement measurement and identification to object detection and fluid measurement. Sensors for everyday industrial applications as well as for use in extreme and harsh environments.

Balluff Sensors

Industrial Networking


With Balluff industrial networking, you can optimally network your network components and provide an important building block for the industrial automation of your company

Balluff Industrial Networking



At Balluff, you can get everything from a single source: sensors, systems and network technology, as well as suitable connectors and connection cables for a wide range of requirements and optimal use in your industry. With their diverse, flexible and reliable connection technology, Balluff supports you with rapid integration and ensures quick and easy commissioning of your machines and systems.

Balluff Connectivity



With RFID technology, objects and products can be clearly assigned in the company and traced at any time. RFID systems are used to make all production steps transparent and traceable and are therefore an essential component for implementing the requirements of modern production and always keeping an eye on all data. Balluff RFID solutions can be operated with almost any common controller and the evaluation units support all frequency ranges.

Balluff RFID



From guard locking devices, safety sensors to control devices such as emergency stop and optoelectronic protective devices to safe I/O modules, Balluff enables you to create unique safety concepts for your company that provide a high level of safety up to the highest safety level PL e.

Balluff Safety

Human Machine Interfaces


With Balluff signalling and display devices, you know at all times what the status of production is. They reliably visualize the status of the machine and system components to be monitored by converting the output signals of the sensors optically and acoustically.


Balluff Human Machine Interfaces

Systems Solutions

systems solutions

Balluff offers you IIoT capable hard- and middleware in combination with powerful software. This means you benefit from system solutions for the widest variety of requirements in your production environment.

  • Tool management: Collect tool data with RFID
  • Monitoring: Complete solutions for condition monitoring on machines and plants

Balluff Systems Solutions

Power Supply

power supplies

Modern-day automation places demands on the efficiency of each and every system. Balluff power supplies are designed with control products in mind so you can be sure they will integrate perfectly with your control suite.

Balluff Power Supply

Advanced Control Solutions is a Balluff distributor in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We offer free evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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