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Robotiq Lean Robotics Insights Updates

Robotiq insightsRobotiq's Insights is technology that allows for the real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization of Universal Robots. You can stay up-to-date on your robot's performance anywhere, anytime. Insights boasts recent improvements that are even more appealing to the end-user in many ways. Option to access Edge Gateway Downtime or Custom SMS alerts Email reports scheduler Option to access custom KPI's, a downloadable log of events, & more

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Cognex DataMan 8600HDX

piPUMP 23The DataMan 8600HDX is a powerful new handheld ID reader targeting electronic manufacturers, medical device and automotive markets. The DataMan 8600HDX has superior performance for reading Data Matrix codes down to 2-mil. Depending on the size code, the working distance is between 5mm-100mm. The reader has the same decoding engine, hardware platform, and form factor as the DataMan 8600 series. The major difference between the DM8600HDX and the DM8600 series is the lens; the DM8600HDX has a 16mm liquid lens that enables a smaller field of view with more magnification.

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Piab piPUMP® 23

piPUMP 23Piab is introducing piPUMP 23, a powerful vacuum pump aimed at automated industrial procedures involving, for instance, packaging and box palletizing, sheet metal and wood products. The new pump offers the same premium vacuum ejection performance and energy-efficiency as piCOMPACT®23, the company's popular all-in-one vacuum generator. However, not included are the advanced integrated controls and additional features of piCOMPACT®23, resulting in a considerably less expensive vacuum pump for customers who might not require these specialized functions. Simplified and straightforward, piPUMP 23 is a powerful vacuum generator that is easy to integrate and install in vacuum handling systems.

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New piINLINE® plus Low Pressure version

Piab piINLINE plusPiab introduces a low feed pressure version of the piINLINE®plus vacuum generator. This is a good choice when experiencing pressure fluctuations in compressed air lines. The AQR (Atmospheric Quick Release) function allows a massive amount of air to enter the cup, for a quick release without adding compressed air. This product features an efficient and patented COAX® ejector, with lower air consumption and a faster response, as compared to corresponding competitive products. It’s perfect for use in very dirty/dusty environments.

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Werma Kompakt 37 Stack Light

New Werma Kompakt 37 Stack Light Series Offers New Features in a
Pre-Assembled Design

The KOMPAKT 37 is a completely pre-assembled signal tower with 1-5 visual tiers, and it can be installed quickly and easily. The compact and completely enclosed construction is ideal for use in all types of public areas because it is tamper-proof. There are up to six levels of signal escalation possible, including an audible signal. OmniVIEW lenses make it clearly visible from all angles, with no blind spots.

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